We make technology that drives forward a Zero Carbon future.

Energy Storage is the missing link between the century-old centralized fossil fuel-powered electrical generation scheme and the distributed and sustainable energy system of the future.

Our projects save you money and help save the planet.

Through carbon arbitrage: We charge when it’s clean, and we discharge when it’s dirty.

Every megawatt of storage that we put in, saves 12,850 kilos of carbon in the atmosphere. Almost 13 tons of carbon in Peru.

The electric grid works under an antiquated paradigm, in which electricity must be generated at the exact moment it is required for consumption.

This forces electric utilities to build additional infrastructure called peaker plants, which sit idle the majority of the time, but are necessary to meet our maximum demand.

Energy Storage is the missing link.

It reserves the energy from the most efficient and/or renewable sources for utilization when needed.

It also delinks demand and generation, creating a cleaner, more stable, and efficient electrical system.

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