Combining best in-class hardware with our proprietary software is the key to generating value from energy storage.

AI Powered Performance

Our team of data scientists has developed proprietary algorithms that use machine-learning and deep neural networks to predict customer consumption and grid performance

Tailor-made for LATAM

  • Peak shaving.
  • Reactive power.
  • Back-up power.
  • Automatic voltage regulation.

Cutting edge safety

Multi-layer safety redundancies that ensures system longevity and personal safety:

  • Select the right cell: we use the safest cell chemistry in the industry.
  • Top-tier battery management systems.
  • Total system monitoring.
  • Remote control of every component.
  • Automatic fire suppression.

Value Stacking

Depending on the market, ON.Command combines different control strategies in order to optimize return on investment - in many cases, providing many services at once.

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