ON Energy Storage es parte de Cooper Precision Companies, una empresa global con más de 60 años de experiencia en el sector de energía y tecnología industrial en las Américas.

Cooper Precision Companies se enfoca en herramientas y tecnología que combinan hardware complejo y controles innovadores.

About Us

ON Energy Storage was born as a cutting-edge, electricity-centered spinoff of an Oil & Gas company in search of an opportunity to expand and transition into a growing trend within the energy industry. As renewable energy continues its rapid adoption in the grid, and society calls for an increasingly integrated and sustainable electric system, energy storage has become crucial in this transition. We believe in the radical transformation that energy storage will represent for the energy sector; and are certain that it will disrupt energy as we know it; making space for a more integrated, dynamic, and efficient network. ON strives to lead the energy evolution by facilitating the inclusion of energy storage in the electric grid and adding value by utilizing the full potential of this revolutionary technology.

We are a fast-paced, result-oriented team that provides ‘End to End’ energy storage solutions in Latin America; focusing at the moment on Commercial and Industrial (C&I) solutions. Latin America’s high demand charges and vast territories represent a perfect opportunity for efficiencies in energy management and pay-for-themselves structures that are attractive for small, medium and large businesses. Latam’s rapid economic growth and unexplored territories are a blue ocean in an industry sector that is growing exponentially.

Our systems combine top-of-the-line storage technology with in-house big data and machine learning software to mold our clients’ electric consumption and optimize their energy use. Our proprietary algorithms and analytics tools allow us to design tailor-made solutions for each customer, and maximize the technical and economical performance of each project.

ON Energy Storage is a proud member of the Cooper Precision Companies, an Energy Technologies Group with operations in 7 countries in both the electric and oil & gas sectors.

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